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In this section, we share travel tips, advice and information to help you plan a safari in Uganda.


Uganda has a required visa system for most nationalities. To date, the application process could be done via the airport. Upon arrival, or even on the aircraft, you would receive an application form to fill out, which you hand over to the immigration officer at the border together with the right amount for the visa. This has now changed.

From July 1st,2015 these processes have changed to an electronic system. All persons intending to come to Uganda for holiday, tourism, business, study, visit or medical reasons are required to apply and obtain a visa online.

Applications can be filled at the following link: https://visas.immigration.go.ug/
When you reach the website you can simply follow the steps after clicking on ‘start new application’.
As a tourist entering the country, you choose ‘Visa’ under ’categories’.

As sub-category, you can further choose on the following options:

  • East Africa Tourist Visa; which you can use to cross to Kenya and Rwanda for the same USD $100.
  • Multiple Entry visa; for if you’re in and out the country multiple times in 6 to 12 months.
  • Diplomatic & official; if you want to give your visit a political twist.
  • Ordinary; For tourists who ‘ordinarily’ come to Uganda for a holiday up to 3 months USD $50.
  • Transit; if you are transiting, but want to exit the airport. This is not for people who are just changing flights.

You need to print your approved application, payment in USD will be done at the issuance location (boarder).



Although it has always been recommended for travelers, the government of Uganda has now made yellow fever vaccines mandatory for every person entering Uganda. We strongly recommend to get your yellow fever vaccination in your country of residence and obtain a proof of your vaccination (usually a yellow passport-sized booklet). You need to show this proof upon arrival at the airport.

For more information regarding the yellow fever disease contact the Uganda Consulate in your country.

A Yellow Fever Inoculation is good for a lifetime.  You are protected.  Both Uganda and Rwanda want to ensure the well-being of visitors.  Uganda is a leader in containing transmittable diseases in Africa.  This was shown again as how quickly that they moved in the last Yellow Fever outbreak.  The situation was under control within weeks. 99 plus percent of visitors to either company return home without any health problems, especially those that stay in better lodges and hotels. If you have any questions please contact us (info@terrain-safaris.com).