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There can be few birding safari destinations on Earth where one can expect to find over 600 bird species in one park alone – Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park is one. Uganda is arguably the best birding destination in Africa. With over 1040 bird species already recorded in the country, Uganda is the best place to go birding in Africa.

Uganda birding safaris lead to notable destinations with a good number of birds and bird watching opportunities. Queen Elizabeth National Park, also a good place for game viewing, with 612 bird species recorded. About 335 species have been recorded in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest, which is also a home to more than half of the World’s remaining mountain gorillas. These two parks alone are among the richest protected areas to be found anywhere on Earth.

Uganda is not new to birders. Several tourists have visited the country on different birding trips and visited different bird watching destinations that include forests, wetlands, savannah grasslands etc. Accolades for Uganda’s birding delights are rarely understated. Nigel Wheatley, for instance, in Where to Watch Birds in Africa (1995) said: “In terms of its size, Uganda is the richest country for birds in Africa.” And this immense volume and diversity occurs miraculously in a space which keen birders can cover in a relatively short visit.

Philip Briggs writes: “Uganda is arguably the best country in Africa for birds, with more than 1000 species recorded in an area the size of great Britain”. A fact that for Birding safaris, Uganda should be top on the list.

You need not to miss a complete birding experience that Uganda offers. Remember that over 1040 bird species are present in Uganda’s tourist destinations, and a simple look at the itineraries here will draw your attention towards making a booking with Terrain safaris. Feel free to suggest your birding interests for an adjustment on any of the following tours:

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